The Six

The Six refers to the six gods of the pantheon. Although rarely interacting with mortals directly, they do speak to a chosen few. The Six are also responsible for the creation of many of the beings in the world.

Altanis the Just
Altanis created the versatile and honorable humans. In order to keep peace and justice, one must be able to see both sides of a coin – to be able to approach a problem from any and every angle.

Ignis the Bold
Ignis created the brave and hard-headed dwarves. Master of the flame, Ignis passed on his metalworking abilities to the dwarves, who became the finest craftsmen in the land.

Sylvanas the Patient
Sylvanas created the grounded and curious halflings. Knowing that only the fittest survive, Sylvanas made the halflings deceptively harmless, but with the cunning and speed needed to ensure their survival.

Aerathis the Wise
Aerathis created the strong and clever dragonborn. Modeled after the cunning dragon, the dragonborn use both their wits and their brawn to leave their mark in history.

El’Sulta the Hunter
El’Sulta created the swift and thoughtful elves. As the head of the pantheon, and the hunter of The Six-Headed Wolf, El’Sulta gave the elves prowess in archery, and control over the powers of the sun – light and fire.

N’zoth the Beast
N’zoth is believed to have created the beastmen of the world, such as the orcs and the goblins. A cruel and deceiving god, N’zoth is the shadow in the corner of your eye, or the being behind you, that always disappears when you turn around.

The Six

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