West Aldin

Session 1

The Death of Steve

These will be fairly straight-forward for now, just to get the details down. Feel free to edit/rewrite these with more flair if you like.

The party [See the Characters page!] comes to in a cramped prison cell, stripped of their belongings. Though taken from different cities around the continent, they all have one thing in common – they were arrested by the Waterbreech Guard (or at least by individuals PRETENDING to be the guard) under suspicion of murder. The victim in question? The powerful Archbishop Zigg Henrik whom they had never heard of.

There is one additional prisoner with them – an emaciated old man. He explains that prisoners are periodically taken from the cell and down the hallway to the right. Screams usually follow.

Two guards stand outside the cell. They remain resolute and do not respond to conversation.

One guard is summoned away. The remaining guard identifies himself as Steve, a friend of Sariel, one of the party members. He passes her a key to the cell before being summoned down the hallway after the other guard.

Opening the door, Sariel scouts ahead while the rest of the party prepares to follow and convinces the old man that he still has something to live for. She is just in time to witness the death of Steve, who’s key-giving treachery was discovered by an unknown but scary-sounding villain in a side chamber.

The rest of the party catches up, though not very stealthily. They alert the guards, but are able to hide and then trick them into searching another part of the dungeon. Taking advantage of the distraction, the party raids the guard’s armory, recovering their gear and some loot to boot.

Breaking down the door to the previously mentioned side room, the party finds themselves in a large cathedral-like hall dedicated to N’zoth, the Six-headed Wolf, God of the Moon. After dispatching several mooks, the party confronts and slays the leader of the baddies! Though human on the outside, he carried some form of blessing from his god, granting him wolfish characteristics and frightening strength.

One mook surrenders after the fight – he and many of the guards were actually forcibly recruited to this band. It turns out that the party is NOT in prison, they are actually in a small fortified cave in the mountains, where a cult to N’zoth has taken root. He reveals that many prisoners were brought here from all over the continent, where foul rites were performed by the wolf-blessed to create monsters. The rites frequently failed, with gruesome results.

Alvor, the only party member who was touched by the leader during the battle, begins to experience strange hallucinations. The mook explains that he has been cursed by the slain priest – N’zoth whispers to him.

The mook and his (surviving) guard friends flee into the mountains – they have been freed from their conscription. The party heads out to parts unknown, seeking many things. Revenge, for fallen friends and false imprisonment. Answers, for new magics and old curses. Where will they end up? Tune in next time!



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