Rhogar Myastan

The Might of the North


AC: 14
Max HP: 28

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 15


Born in a small village in the northern country of Varkinstasz, Rhogar Myastan had a plain, average, childhood. At around the age 40 (young for a dragonborn), he ventured off throughout the land as a merchant.

He eventually found himself in the middle of the Varkinstasz Iconoclasm, with the far north provinces forming a large coalition to eradicate the central and southern provinces, in a hope to bring equality to the poor and common folk.

Rhogar was caught in the far north after supplying insurrectionists with weapons. He faced exile or death, and ended up packing his bags and setting out for West Aldin.

While attempting to move from West Aldin to East Aldin, Rhogar was stopped at the border for a routine inspection. While searching his cart, guards found several bloodied weapons among his otherwise pristine collection. This led to him being imprisoned for the supposed murder of Archbishop Zigg Henrik .

After fighting his way out of the prison with some new acquaintances, Rhogar managed to attain a riding wolf as a form of transportation.

When the party came to the village of Shivya, Rhogar was essentially forced to stay indoors if not hidden in back alleys, as they group knew they were wanted. The party managed to narrowly escape the village after being subject to inspection by a mercenary cleric. Rhogar collected his wolf from the stable, and the party set off.

Rhogar Myastan

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