West Aldin

Session 2

All Aboard the Bounty Train

After leaving the prison from which the party was kept, the group happened upon a human merchant being “escorted” by orcs. Obviously knowing that something was afoot, the party sprang into action, with Sariel initiating contact via his extreme sharpshooter abilities.

After downing several wolves, Rhogar deemed it necessary to commandeer the last one, and make it his own. At the same time, the party slayed the supposed leader of the orc warband, and watched as the remaining few fled in terror. One orc managed to take one of the merchant’s horses, and was quickly chased down by Rhogar on his wolf and crushed due to being tackled off the horse.

The party received free travel from the merchant as thanks, and they were let off in the town of Shivya. Rufus was suddenly compelled to endlessly pray for hours on end, so was not seen much. Rhogar spent much of his time in an inn room, writing For the Homeland .

While in Shivya, a large brigade of Waterbreech guards entered the town, with a mercenary cleric leading them. There was to be a witch hunt for the wanted killers of Archbishop Zigg Henrik . The party immediately put into action a plan to escape from the village. They managed to escape successfully, with Sariel able to slip a note to the head cleric, warning him that trouble was afoot within even his own guard brigade.

What will happen next? Will Lirian reach 7 feet? Can Rufus cast “detect magic” more often? Tune in next time, on Dragonball Z West Aldin!



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